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Shell Extension not found.

Aug 14, 2009 at 6:30 AM

I have installed LizardTF but can not see any shell extension like Tortoise SVN.

what msitake I am doing?

- Have VS2008

- Have TFS Installed and Working Perfect in VS2008

- Connection OK

- System Restarted after Installation

- Can not see any use guide to configure LizardTF

Any help will be appreciated,

Thanks in Advance.

Soumen, Inida (RIMBIK)

Aug 21, 2009 at 9:13 PM

easy answer is: run c:\program files\Lizard\LizardTF\MonitorLizard.exe

More in depth answer to the best of my knowledge and similar to how I got it to work.  It is pasted from the readme file from a .rar of Lizard v0.1.3.  Warning though, it is from an old version.


LizardTF - alpha v0.1

Explorer based Team Foundation client.

To Install:

run LizardTFSetup.msi

run the program c:\program files\Lizard\LizardTF\MonitorLizard.exe

in the settings:

Add name of TF server -e.g. http:\\dprtf01:8081

The rest of the settings /should/ work for you by default, but they are worth checking...

go to the explorer tab in monitorlizard.exe and click the 'Register x86' button
then click 'kill explorer' and then 'start explorer'
this will restart explorer.exe with the newly registered shell extentions.

Lizard is now intalled!

To use LizardTF:

If you already have a workspace folder, you can right-click it in explorer and choose to 'Lizardenate' it.
If not you can right-click any non workspace folder choose Lizard-->Create New Workspace. Once created you can 'Lizardenate' it.

Lizardenating just creates _ltf (or as specified in settings) folders in each folder for storing TF/lizard metadata.
Delizardenate removes these folders.

Once a workspace folder has been 'Lizardenated' you should start to see icon overlays to show TF file state, get full lizard context menu options, get additional explorer coloumns showing TF version/state information, and get an extra file property page for versioned files.

All the shell extentions use a remoting client hosted by the MonitorLizard.exe win application. If you stop this the shell extentions will stop working, if you run it again they will start working again!

GetLatest, Check-in, Undo pending all use a new 'review' screen that shows what is going on (auto resolve does not work yet)

Compare folder is a hierarchical diff util that can compare folder structures/files either file-system to file-system, TF branch/version to TF branch/version, FS to TF, and FS to last 'got' version, it will show different/same/added/missing files and allows for ignoring whitespace, case etc.

Status Scan does a full recursive scan of folders/files to build meta data

Some screen shots can been seen at:

If you use x64 OS then also install the x64 installer

add the path in the MonitorLizardSettings for the 'x64 Installation' eg. c:\Program Files\Lizard\LizardTF64

use the 'Register x64' button in the monitorlizard,  click 'kill explorer' and then 'start explorer'.